“Gloria” and Why to Sing It: Two Links of Note

“Gloria” and Why to Sing It: Two Links of Note By Eric M. Pazdziora I didn’t write either of these things. A small, mostly selfish part of me wishes I had. The rest of me is too happy to care, because you get to see them on any terms. The first is called “Going Back.” […]

Season of Rest

Season of Rest You may notice a little bit of quietness on the blog for the next few weeks, at least with new posts. I welcome email and comments and may comment from time to time, but following the release of my book I am taking a much-needed rest. I still plan to keep up […]


Index For complete archive, see left sidebar. Key Articles in alphabetical order Abusing Abuse? Part 1 Abusing Abuse? Part 2 Bondage of Betrothal, The Broken Counterfeit Patriarchy Daughters-in-Waiting: Adult Daughters at Home  Emmanuel  Exploring Bounded Choice Feminism or Faith? Godly Authority: A Flight to Topsyturvydom How Does Jesus Love You?  Humiliation Manipulation I Love Quiverfull, […]

“Thin Places” by Mary DeMuth | A Review

“Thin Places” by Mary DeMuth | A Review “Are you sad?” I ask him. We stand on our balcony, arms tangled, souls weaving within the tapestry of shared space, shared lives. Our eyes find stars a million miles away.     He hesitates, choosing words.     “I don’t know,” he says. Pregnant moments need […]

Death of a Different Kind

Death of a Different Kind How many more little girls need to die?  I asked this recently in response to the murder of Lydia Schatz.  In light of this tragedy, I want to ask something else. How many quivering daughters die everyday? How many daughters of patriarchy have already died on the inside? How many […]


Broken By Eric M. Pazdziora broken arm is painful. A broken glass is dangerous. A broken mirror is unlucky. A broken heart is depressing. A broken toy is sad. A broken promise is wrong. So it’s strange that some well-meaning devotional writers tell us that spiritual brokenness is something we should aspire to, an attitude […]

Bill Gothard and Patriarchy: Re-routed Feminism?

Bill Gothard and Patriarchy: Re-routed Feminism? by E. Stephen Burnett Many mysteries are revealed in human marriage. I sort of knew that in theory even before my own, and of course have seen it even more in person. There’s that whole mystery of showing-Christ-and-His-Church, on which marriage is based (Ephesians 5). And of course, there’s […]