What is Spiritual Abuse?

What is Spiritual Abuse? This will begin a series identifying the main elements of what I believe undermines the very core of who we are as women. How we view ourselves, our effectiveness as a woman created in the image of God, our relationships, and our futures are all impacted by the roots that have […]

The Sanctuary of Life

The Sanctuary of Life I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10 Life. A simple word pulsing with complexity. As you reflect, what images come to mind? Answers emerge from the day-portraits of our years—fun, stressful, challenging, hard, i-wish-i-were-dead, boring, exciting, an adventure, depressing—but I […]

Quiverfull Daughters —The Aching of Esau

Quiverfull Daughters —The Aching of Esau You never show us what you write.” Mom looked disappointed. “I will!” I assured her. But what? My young mind riffled through notebooks, scanning titles, stories, songs. I always felt too shy, embarrassed to reveal my scribblings. Despite me “telling,” a sister already derived ecstatic glee over long, flowy […]

White Washed Idolatry

White Washed Idolatry . . for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.  Exodus 34:14 orm Wakefield is an author and speaker with a tender heart for men and their families. In his article The Curse of the Standard Bearers: When Idolatry Masquerades as Love, […]

Season of Rest

Season of Rest You may notice a little bit of quietness on the blog for the next few weeks, at least with new posts. I welcome email and comments and may comment from time to time, but following the release of my book I am taking a much-needed rest. I still plan to keep up […]


January 30, 2009 Introduction Welcome! When I first begin talking about my book Quivering Daughters, many people ask instantly why I haven’t written it before now. A valid question, for I have dabbled in writing since I was a wee lassie of six, when my homeschooling mother would present to me lists of words for […]

Love Song, IV — Mystery

Love Song, IV — Mystery continued from Love Song, III — Death She sat across from me, knuckles clasped white except for streaks of mascara swiped from her cheeks.  She didn’t know why she came; she’d stopped to turn around many times. But here she was. No coffee, thanks. “I was given up for adoption […]

A Different Perpective: She is No Longer Quivering

A Different Perpective: She is No Longer Quivering Over a few short months, a mother of seven from Nebraska has made headlines as she abandoned her Quiverfull life, launched a website and message board, inspired a play, and started writing a book based upon her experience. Scheduled to appear on an upcoming episode of the […]


Index For complete archive, see left sidebar. Key Articles in alphabetical order Abusing Abuse? Part 1 Abusing Abuse? Part 2 Bondage of Betrothal, The Broken Counterfeit Patriarchy Daughters-in-Waiting: Adult Daughters at Home  Emmanuel  Exploring Bounded Choice Feminism or Faith? Godly Authority: A Flight to Topsyturvydom How Does Jesus Love You?  Humiliation Manipulation I Love Quiverfull, […]

Blogging Break

Blogging Break My friends, it’s time for me to take an indefinite break from active blogging while I spend the next season working on my book. There are a few key articles I’m writing that pertain to the scope of Quivering Daughters, as well as for The Quiverfull Daughter, so as I complete them, they […]