The Mystery of Grace

The Mystery of Grace My last article reviewed some of the features of shame, and drew comparisons between shame and guilt. To review, guilt–or godly conviction–is the feeling that follows sinfulness. For hearts submitted to Christ, it is a precious vessel by which we become aware that we have committed wrong, presenting the choice to […]

The Sanctuary of Life

The Sanctuary of Life I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. John 10 Life. A simple word pulsing with complexity. As you reflect, what images come to mind? Answers emerge from the day-portraits of our years—fun, stressful, challenging, hard, i-wish-i-were-dead, boring, exciting, an adventure, depressing—but I […]

The Weight of the Years

The Weight of the Years I hope that as you read this post today, you will hear my heart behind the words I write. As your sister and sojourner through the valley of heartache and pain, I know intimately the depth of grief and torment that has throbbed within your spirit for ages. Secret aching–hidden […]


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Spiritual Abuse and the Gospel

Spiritual Abuse and the Gospel by Hillary McFarland What is good news? Good news brings joy. Good news brings relief. Good news gives us something to anticipate, to talk about and plan for. It gives us hope. If you are in jail and receive word that you are to be released, that is good news! […]