Why I Write . . .

Why I Write . . . As a woman with a very interesting, atypical past, I am often asked, “why are you so different?” This question comes from those within “the world”, and from those who follow a more conservative path.   I grew up keenly aware of this “being different”, cursing myself, my desires, […]

Dear Anonymous

Dear Anonymous recent exchange (see comments in this post for background) culminated in the following concerns from an anonymous poster. I know that many share this person’s views and I wanted to address them in a visible format so others can follow and add thoughts of their own. “Anonymous” writes, I guess my question is […]

The Weight of the Years

The Weight of the Years I hope that as you read this post today, you will hear my heart behind the words I write. As your sister and sojourner through the valley of heartache and pain, I know intimately the depth of grief and torment that has throbbed within your spirit for ages. Secret aching–hidden […]


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Abusing Abuse? | Guest Post, Part 1

Abusing Abuse? | Guest Post, Part 1 Recently Darcy left some excellent thoughts in a comment and I asked her if she would expand on them in a post. I’m honored that she agreed.  cannot tell you how many times someone has told me, “Well, I know plenty of patriarchal families who are wonderful people […]